04th of March 2020

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Chickpea “Empedrat” with tuna, kalamata olives, purple onion and tomato

Carrot cream, sweet potato, coconut milk, curry and croutons

Spaghetti bolognese

Broad bean to the Catalan style

Italian burrata, dried tomato, Genovese pesto (+2.8)


Pork cordon blue stuffed with ham and cheese with green pepper

Sautéed veal with carrot, broccoli and rice

Steak, french fries and green peppers

Chicken to the Catalan style with roasted eggplants

Grilled sea bass with seafood sauce and mashed potatoes

Beefsteak, french fries and green peppers (+2.5)

Grilled salmon supreme, seasonal vegetables and teriyaki sauce (+4.5)


Natural yoghurt with honey

Seasonal fruit salad with orange juice

Lemon mousse

Strawberry ice cream

Homemade cheese Flan


(Coffee not included)


(from Monday to Saturday*)

*Saturday price is 15,50







Comida mediterránea gourmet en la que encontrarás platos y platillos, bocadillos especiales, carta, menús de grupo y eventos, el mejor café y deliciosos postres. Prueba nuestra excelente oferta de vinos, cavas y cócteles.


Cuina mediterrània gourmet en la qual hi trobaràs plats i platerets, entrepans especials, carta, menús de grup i esdeveniments, el millor cafè i delicioses postres. Prova la nostra excel·lent oferta de vins, caves i còctels.


Mediterranean gourmet cuisine where you will find dishes and special snacks, menus, group menus and events, the best coffee and delicious desserts. Try our excellent offer of wines, cavas and cocktails.





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